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PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks

  • Solid PCBN
Solid PCBN

Solid PCBN

  • Product description: Solid PCBN

Sinoseiko PCBN is characteristic of high hardness, high wear resistance and high thermal stability and is made by sintering micron CBN powder and various ceramic binders at a high temperature and pressure. BN series is solid PCBN.


Sinoseiko PCBN is ideal for tools used for the machining of high hardness and hard processed ferrous materials (HRC45-65), such as harden steel, pearlitic gray cast iron, high temperature alloy, high-speed steel, hard facing alloys, Ni-Cr alloy, powder metallurgy metals. PCBN is typically used to machine brake discs, engine blocks, engine cylinder liners, brake drums, flywheels, valve seats and guides, gears, mold and die parts, etc.


1. Multiple grades of PCBN blanks and wide range of application

2. High cost-effective, Easy Processing, Excellent performance, High wear resistance, strong stability

3. Strong technical support, Customized R&D PCBN and service

4. Strict quality management system to guarantee the consistent quality

5. Short lead time: 1-2 days for 50 mm PCBN Disc. 3-4 days for 10000 PCBN tips

Solid PCBN disc
Disc Diameter(D) Thickness (T) Grade Available
Disc 30 3.2/4.76 BN950,BN900,BN850,BN720,BN500

Solid PCBN semi-finished inserts
Shape ISO Dimensions (mm) Grade Available
IC Thickness (T)
Rounds RNUN-0903XX 9.8 3.2 BN950,BN900,BN850,BN720,BN500
Disc RNUN-0904XX 9.8 4.8
RNUN-1203XX 13.1 3.2
RNUN-1204XX 13.1 4.8
RNUN-1904XX 19.4 4.8
RNUN-2004XX 20.7 4.76
RNUN-2504XX 25.7 4.8
Squares SNUN-0903XX 9.8 3.2 BN950,BN900,BN850,BN720,BN500
Disc SNUN-0904XX 9.8 4.8
SNUN-1203XX 13.1 3.2
SNUN-1204XX 13.1 4.8
SNUN-1504XX 16.2 4.8
SNUN-1904XX 19.4 4.76
Rhombus CNUN-0903XX 9.8 3.2 BN950,BN900,BN850,BN720,BN500
Rhombus CNUN-0904XX 9.8 4.8
CNUN-1203XX 13.1 3.2
CNUN-1204XX 13.1 4.8
Triangles TNUN-1103XX 6.6 3.2 BN950,BN900,BN850,BN720,BN500
Rhombus TNUN-1603XX 9.8 3.2
TNUN-1604XX 9.8 4.8

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