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About us


Sino Seiko Co., Limited (SINOSEIKO for short) is a trading company that specializes in trading of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and related products. Sino Seiko Co., Limited was founded in 2019 in the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, in the heartland of China. SINOSEIKO is devoted to satisfying customers with premium quality products and customized service. Relying on local strong R&D environment, SINOSEIKO has developed a reputation for excellent performance, consistency, competitive prices and timely delivery, and become a leading trader of PCD and composite superhard materials.

Sino Seiko Co., Limited's PCD products are produced by advanced high temperature and ultra-high pressure technology. Specially selected diamond powders are sintered together in the presence of a catalyst metal such that strong diamond-to-diamond bonding occurs. This forms hard, abrasion resistant blanks that have the high thermal conductivity of natural diamond with a toughness approaching that of tungsten carbide.

Sino Seiko Co., Limited near the largest and modernest diamond industrial area. The company has a complete range of products and the most advanced technology. SINOSEIKO products are widely used in oil & gas drilling, coal and other mining, machining, building materials, automobile, railroad, aerospace, national defense and other industries. SINOSEIKO supplied more than 40 countries worldwide.

Sino Seiko Co., Limited cooperate with the largest composite super-hard material R&D and best manufacturs in China.

Sino Seiko Co., Limiteds' people continually pursue providing the highest quality products, ever improving performance and superior service to our customers.

Our Strength & Commitment

Excellence results from constant effort; trust comes from consistent performance.

All partners has first-class modern working conditions for its production employees as well as its research team and technicians, and its professional office staff.

All partners has the most complete production line for PCD in China, and is one of only a few companies with this capability across the globe.

Most our partners are stock exchange, and publicly-held company in the Chinese polycrystalline diamond industry.

All partners’ quality management system is certified to meet the 2008 revision of ISO9001 international standards. It ensures the best possible product consistency and uniformity for each of our products, and guarantees the delivery of defect free products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our products are used in the many industries and application all over the world. Our PCD/PCBN materials offer tool makers outstanding energy efficiency.Quality is created by manufacture, not by inspection. We execute strict procedure control and inspection requirement in the manufacture process. We set up checking procedure for every product.To Improve our products together with our customers

We have developed an approach to quality which simulate customer’s application. We evaluate our products quality in the same way as our customers. We have developed technical cooperation with our customers closely.

We are willing to develop customized service to meet individual requirement.

We are filled enthusiasm at Sino Seiko Co., Limited. We do what we say. We try our best to realize promise on time.We cooperate with client to customize and develop new products to promote whose competition. Our team understand our product as well as customer service.

SINOSEIKO’s operational philosophy is based on having first-class products, consistent quality, constant innovation and new product development, rapid response to customer needs, timely delivery and value-added service.

Our Responsibilities

We are proud to have all of our partners accredited to OHSAH 18001 standard for health and safety management in 2016 and accredited ISO14001 standard for environment management. All of our partners comply with requirements for aerial emissions, effluent and solid waste disposal. Moreover all of products’ R&D, manufacture and sales are accredited to the ISO9001 standard for quality management. We promise, every workplace comply with higher quality standard.